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Final Post

This morning Patty Blake passed away peacefully in her sleep.  Thank you to all who read her blog and commented on Facebook.  I know she appreciated each and every one of you.  God bless. Isaiah 40:30 but those who hope in the Lord     will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles;     they … Continue reading

I’m Sorry
Attitudes / Happenings

I’m Sorry

Kristina here again doing the typing. Mom has been practicing but is having trouble because of her cataracts, we think. Whatever the reason, we have found this to be a good solution to the problem, at least for now. Patty here. It is a family joke with us that I am in the habit of … Continue reading


A Brief Update

Kristina is typing for me once more as I am still having problems with Tobii. These problems could be due to a couple of factors: the medications I am taking make me sleepy and that makes it hard for Tobii’s cameras to see my eyes. Also, the cataract in my left eye is much worse. … Continue reading

Here and There
Faith / Medical

Here and There

It is strange how sometimes I am able to use Tobii to write what’s on my mind despite all of the powerful drugs coursing through my veins. I am aware that many dear friends, and strangers too, are praying. That must be the reason. I have been thinking about our friend Betty, one of our … Continue reading